Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Treadmills are Dangerous

Awhile back I bought myself a treadmill. 2 days before it arrived I sprained my ankle falling down a flight of stairs. This is one example of my superior talent.

I've used the treadmill sporadically, is that a word?, well from time to time. When I'm not using it, it collects dust, or washing, sometimes both.

In order to use the treadmill I need to attach an extension cord, plug it all in, get the safety magnet thingy from the cupboard (you attach it to the treadmill and clip it to yourself in case you fall off then the treadmill automatically stops - or when you are running and your hand accidently hits the cord and the safety clip comes off the treadmill and you slam to a halt face-planting style into the treadmill controls - yes, just another talent).

We had a new lounge delivered the other week and so I thought it was an ideal time to change the position of the treadmill so it was closer to the power point and therefore easier to use. I folded up the base so it clicked into place and pushed it into a new position. As I turned the treadmill the clip undid itself and the base slammed down and into the wall. Well, through the wall. Another talent discovered - even I didn't think I was this good.

As it fell I gasped, swore, remembered Rowdy was in the room, and looked at the damage - one gaping big hole.

Now that I'd gone to all this trouble and caused all this destruction I figured I'd better actually use it. Mr Chic saw where I'd moved the treadmill to after I'd admitted making the hole and he said 'no running on it, if you fall off the back you'll go straight through that window and it's a long way down from 2 stories up'. Oh good, I hadn't thought of that.

Maybe I'm safer just putting washing on it.

The Mirror of Parenting

Crash upset Rowdy last night. Something about a purple matchbox car and their inability to share. Rowdy then started crying. Crash got the cranks and stood up from where he was playing on the floor and yelled at Rowdy 'STOP CRYING!!!'. Rowdy proceeded to cry even more. Crash then jumped up and down, threw his car on the floor and screamed in frustration 'HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU?!'.

I know exactly where Crash got that from. Not pleasant seeing a mirror of your own parenting reflected back at you by your kids.