Friday, January 8, 2010

a letter of thanks

After spending months job-hunting and getting more and more frustrated with recruitment agencies, I landed a position and then wrote a letter to the owner of the recruitment agency expressing my views. Here is that letter. (please excuse the quality, for some reason I failed at cut and paste).

Monday, January 4, 2010

Training for Motherhood

It occurred to me whilst folding laundry (oh I lead an exciting life, I do), that someone should have given me a list of things to do before having children, and if I could cope with those things, then I was more likely to cope being a mother.

This is my list but feel free to add any recommendations!

  1. Fill a squirty bottle with urine and spray throughout the house and car (it's a smell you really need to get used to)
  2. Shove a biscuit/piece of toast into any available opening - such as a vcr (if you still have one)
  3. Smear your work clothes with wheat bix immediately before you leave for work
  4. Leave matchbox cars, marbles and other random toys throughout the house and navigate the walk to the kitchen in the dark without hurting yourself
  5. Buy an industrial sized washing machine and dryer
  6. Read a children's books whilst mentally somewhere else
  7. Love craft and be able to turn an egg carton into various animals using only the contents of the pantry (and incidently I have 2 boys hassling me to 'make fish craft' right as I type this)
  8. Empty a bag of sand into your car
  9. Take a couple of puppies to the supermarket and make sure puppies don't destroy anything or wee on the floor
  10. Dress an octopus
  11. Set an alarm clock to wake you up at regular intervals during the night. At one of those times, empty a container of curdled milk all over your bed and the carpet and then clean it up and change the sheets.
  12. Play a Hi5 cd on repeat in your car, and your house if you can.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Enthused and Ready

So finally I'm back on the blog. Blog people, not bog. It's taken a couple of days into the new year but I've eased my way into my resolutions - which this year started as 'I refuse to make resolutions' but now it's a simple 'move more, eat better (and less) and drink less'. Simple. I've even been on my treadmill twice already. I know, it's a miracle.

I discovered though that my jogging shoes were actually causing me a recurring blister so I bought two new pairs today. No excuses now. I'm actually itching to try them out so when I had the blissfulness of having the house to myself for an hour or so, I thought............... I might look in the cupboard and grab a chocolate or two and get on the computer. D'oh!!

Move along now, nothing to see here. Oh well, I'll do an extra 15 minutes tonight. Promise.

Ok so 2009 is gone for good and good riddance too I say. I start my new job next Monday and I'm super excited and just a teeny bit nervous. I must say it will be nice to be driving the opposite direction to all the poor commuters travelling south to Sydney. I shall wave my hand in a queen-like manner and laugh 'ha ha ha suckers!'.
I hope all my readers have a fantasticly bouncy 2010!