Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's been a while

A while? 4 months in fact since my last blog. Anyone would think I had fallen off the face of the earth. For those that care, I am in fact alive and well.

Crash is enjoying school and is now at the top level of his readers. He had to get to level 8 by the end of the year and he's there now. He reads everything, including my emails so I might have to start writing in code. I won't write backwards though as he sometimes reads things backwards without trying. We had a school disco recently and Crash was up on the stage getting his groove on. So was I sitting on the sidelines watching. All I needed was a plastic cup of booze and I was set.

Rowdy has now turned 4. Rowdy is an interesting little character. He's been having extreme mood swings and causing us no end of grief. We've put it down to the hormone surge that seems common at this age. At one point when his head was spinning 360 I just thought he was an alien sent to torment the daylights out of us. Rowdy is going to be at preschool 4 days a week after the school holidays. Here's hoping he's ok with it. We even started a reward chart to try and improve his behaviour - he gets a star for getting out of bed happy. I'd like that for me, but instead of a star, perhaps I could have a bottle of wine. Imagine that, every time I got out of bed happy, a bottle of wine would appear on my doorstep. Cool. Needn't be wine. It could be chocolate, or new shoes, or a leave pass for a night out. I'm not fussy.

And so it's school holidays. As of this year our whole life revolves around the school timetable. It's taken some getting used to. Crash is home for 2 weeks and after things to do. I'm having some time off and tomorrow we're going to the movies to see Marmaduke while Rowdy goes to preschool. Shhhhh, it's a secret, we're not telling him because he'll crack the shits and his head will spin. Later in the week we'll go bowling, or fishing, or whatever. And then there are all the kids who want to have play dates with Crash. Yeah, I think we'll fill the days pretty easily.