Thursday, July 12, 2012

Le Tour De France

And so it is the month of July and all that is great in the world of cycling occurs, ie Le Tour De France. Whilst I think their ability, strength, resilience etc is AMAAAAAZING, truly, I find the whole thing, well, it has a sedative effect. Mr Chic cycles, well, there is a bike in our loungeroom sitting decoratively beside the dust collecting treadmill, but he will ride it, one day. Where was I? Oh yes, sedatives. Le Tour. I'm not sure if it's watching the cyclists/athletes pedal all their little legs at once and watching them go round and round (much like counting sheep) or if it's the commentator with his soothing quiet voice discussing  breakaways and the peloton but without fail I can fall asleep in under 10 mins of Le Tour going on the tv. I've tried not turning on the tv in the bedroom but I'm awake for hours. Flick on Le Tour and I'm out like a light.

What to do when it finishes? Clearly I'll be needing it on dvd.

As for now.........ooooooooh the pretty scenery, ooooh look at their legs go, le peloton, zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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