Saturday, February 27, 2010

Extreme Opposite of Sydney

I no longer work in Sydney. It's bliss. I no longer drive in peak hour traffic. I'm looking for 6th gear instead of being lucky to make it into 3rd. I drive fast and am in the car for less time. I drive past rivers and boats and over mountains. I get to work and instead of inhaling smog and any other virus known to man I get to smell salt air and green grass combined with the scent of horses as they gallop past on their morning run.
There may not be a big Westfield but I'm still close to shops.
The picture above was taken on a lunchtime walk - 5 minutes from the office. Next time I go there I'm taking a handline.

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  1. Hi,Jules. So glad to see you blogging again, and that you're happy in your new job. There IS a silver lining! Take care xoxox